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URL :  Taxation and Investment in Mexico 2014
Author : Deloitte
Detail : Published: 2014

Taxation and Investment in Mexico 2012Mexico Tax Guide 2014

eBook Contents

Investment climate in Mexico (Business environment, Currency, Banking and financing, Foreign investment, Tax incentives, Exchange controls) - Setting up a business in Mexico (Principal forms of business entity, Regulation of business, Accounting, filing and auditing requirements) - Business taxation in Mexico (Overview, Residence Taxable income and rates, Capital gains taxation, Flat tax, Double taxation relief, Anti-avoidance rules, Administration) - Withholding taxes in Mexico (Dividends, Interest, Royalties, Branch remittance tax, Wage tax/social security contributions) - Indirect taxes in Mexico (Value added tax, Capital tax, Real estate tax, Transfer tax, Stamp duty, Customs and excise duties, Environment taxes, Other taxes) - Taxes on individuals in Mexico (Residence, Taxable income and rates, Inheritance and gift tax, Net wealth tax, Real property tax, Social security contributions, Other taxes, Compliance) - Labor environment in Mexico (Employees' rights and remuneration, Wages and benefits, Termination of employment, Labor-management relations, Employment of foreigners)

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