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Tell me about Australia
eBook Edition: 2009

The Embassy of Australia in Washington, D.C. published this book in response to the thousands of letters received from American school children asking about Australia. It is aimed at middle schoolers, but children from a wider age range will find it fun to read and look at the illustrations. Some topics in this book are examined in more depth than others, based on the information most requested by students. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Geography - Topography - Seasons - Climate - States and Capitals - Traveling to Australia - History - Modern Economy - Government Today - Environment and Conservation - World Heritage Areas and National Parks - A Unique Wild life - Rare and Endangered Species - Mammals - Birds - Insects - Spiders - Reptiles - Sharks - Some Natural Wonders and Famous Landmarks - People - Population - Religion - Language - Food and Drink - Clothing - Transportation - Education - School Day - The Arts - Music - Aboriginal Culture - Sports - Organised Sports - National Holidays – Flag – Coat of Arms - Currency - Stamps – Resource List

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