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URL :  The Attraction of Company Online Communities
Author : Maria Antikainen
Detail : eBook Edition: 2007

This study considers the attraction of company online communities, taking the perspective of relationship marketing. The purpose of the study is to identify and analyse the attraction of different company online communities. To achieve this purpose three questions are answered. The first question considers the classification of company online communities. The second question explores the types of relationships in company online communities while the third one identifies attraction factors in those relationships.

The exploratory and qualitative case study approach enabled to use an abductive logic in which different processes are intertwined with each other. The empirical data was gathered in four case company online communities with multiple methods including both traditional methods such as interviews and online research methods such as posing questions in discussion forums. To be able to find a wide variety of attraction factors, the cases represent different types of online communities aimed for women and families, teenagers, banks’ customers and software developers. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Contents Acknowledgements - Abstract - Contents - Figures - Tables - Introduction - Company Online Communities - Conceptualising Atraction of Company Online Communities - Methodology - Modelling The Attraction of Company Online Communities - Contributions and Future Research Paths

eBook License:
Copyrighted from The University of Tampere

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