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The Best Times to Get Your Business Email Opened
Cambria Davis – David Ly Khim
eBook Edition: 2015

In the cluttered world of email, timing is everything.

We could write the perfect subject line or compose attention-grabbing copy ... but all of that can easily go to waste if we send our email at the wrong time.

An email sent at the wrong time can quickly become lost in an inbox, waiting for the day its owner decides to conduct their once-in-a-blue-moon email cleanup.

But as an entrepreneur, sales rep, or any type of business professional, we don’t have time to wait for that.

So, we conducted a study of over 20 million emails delivered over a 10-month period to find the ideal time to send an email. (From Author)

eBook Contents

The Best day to Send Email - The Best time to Send Email - When to Send Email During the Holidays - Conclusion

eBook License:
Copyright from HubSpot

Available in PDF format – 20 pages – 4,0 Mb

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