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URL :  The Bitter Fruit of Oil Palm: Dispossession and Deforestation
Author : World Rainforest Movement
Detail : 2005 | PDF | 273 KB | 74 pages

eBook License: Public access from World Rainforest Movement

Given the widely ignored impacts of oil palm plantations and their widespread promotion throughout the tropics, the World Rainforest Movement decided to bring together research and local struggles in a book aimed as a tool for action. Given that the problem is present in Africa, Asia and Latin America, we chose three representative cases for each continent: Cameroon, Ecuador and Indonesia. At the same time, we tried to provide people with a general overview and with as many examples in other countries as possible.

We hope that this book will encourage more people and organizations to share their experiences and to become involved in an issue such as this, where networking and mutual support are crucial to halt a globalized plantation model which is resulting in the destruction of nature and peoples’ livelihoods.

eBook Contents

Overview of the Oil Palm Issue - Oil Palm: The Expansion of Another Destructive Monoculture - The Case of Cameroon: Oil Palm Plantations, Yet Another Threat to Cameroon’s Native Forests? - The case of Ecuador: Paradise in Seven Years? - The Case of Indonesia: Under Soeharto's Shadow - Other cases around the tropics - Working conditions - Yet more problems - Our viewpoint

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