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URL :  The Business Value of User Experience
Author : Jim Ross
Detail : 2014 | PDF | 342 Kb | 12 pages

eBook License: Public Access from https://www.infragistics.com

It’s more important than ever that products and systems provide a good user experience (UX). What was once considered a luxury or an added expense, the most successful companies now realize that focusing on the user experience is key to success and innovation. Examples such as Google, the iPhone, the iPad, and the Amazon Kindle have shown that user experience is an important product differentiator. Consumers will buy and use products based on their design, usability, and appeal.

This expectation for well-designed products has even translated to business applications, such as Salesforce.com and SAP’s Fiori mobile apps, as employees have come to expect enterprise software to be as easy to use as consumer applications. They will no longer tolerate poor usability in the applications they rely on to accomplish their daily tasks. (From Author)

eBook Contents

The Importance of a Good User Experience - Increased Sales - Increased Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty - Increased employee satisfaction - Decreased need for training and documentation - Reduced Support Costs - Increased productivity - Conclusion
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