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The Criminal Code of Finland
Ministry of Justice, Finland
eBook Edition: 2013
This document contains information about The Criminal Code of Finland.

eBook Contents

Scope of application of the criminal law of Finland - Penalties - The general prerequisite of criminal liability - Grounds for exemption from liability - On attempt and complicity – Sentencing - Statute of limitations - Corporate criminal liability – Forfeiture - War crimes and crimes against humanity - Treasonable offences - High treason - Offences against democracy - Offences against the administration of justice - Offences against the public authorities - Offences against public order - Offences against family rights - Sex offences - Homicide and bodily injury - Violation of a foetus, embryo and genetic inheritance - Traffic offences - Offences against privacy, public peace and personal reputation - Offences against personal liberty - Theft, embezzlement and unauthorised use - Offences against public finances - Business offences - Robbery and extortion - Receiving and money laundering offences - Forgery offences – Endangerment -  Criminal damage - Fraud and other dishonesty - Means of payment offences - Data and communications offences - Offences by a debtor - Offences in office - Weapons offences - Offences endangering health and safety - Military offences - Offences connected to import and export - Environmental offences - Violation of certain incorporeal rights - Narcotics offences - Security markets offences

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