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The Dark Side of Migration: Qatar's Construction Sector-World Cup
Amnesty International Publications
eBook Edition: 2013

Qatar’s population is growing at a truly staggering rate. Between August 2012 and August 2013, it grew by 10.5 per cent. Put another way, twenty new people are added to the population every hour.

This growth is driven primarily by the recruitment of low-paid migrant workers to support an infrastructure development programme that, according to some estimates, will amount to more than US$220 billion over the coming decade. There are 1.38 million foreign nationals working in Qatar, 94 per cent of the total workforce. The majority are from South and Southeast Asia, and this number is expected to rise significantly in the coming years, with one International Labour Organization (ILO) expert estimating that the country will need to recruit one million extra migrant workers in the next decade. In the construction sector, the vast majority of these workers are likely to be male.

The construction, which is already underway, is designed to turn Doha from a capital city into a regional and global hub. A new airport is being built, while a metro system and international railway system are being planned. Roads will be overhauled, sewage systems will be revamped, and a new port will open - in part simply to cope with the massive demand for raw materials on other projects. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Introduction and Overview – Exploited and Abandoned: The Workers of Krantz Engineering - Routine Abuse In The Construction Sector - Construction Companies And Human Rights Abuses - A System That Permits Abuse And Traps Workers - Recommendations

eBook License: Copyrighted from Amnesty International

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