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URL :  The Guide to Astrology
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Author : Raphael
Detail : 1905 | PDF | 4.8 Mb | 140 pages

Also available in ePub and Kindle formats

eBook License: Public Domain

The most unsatisfactory part of Astrology is that dealing with "Directions," or the "Calculation of Future Events." At present there is no system known that will give reliable results, but the method taught in this volume will be found to be more accurate than any other known system, yet even here there appears to be something lacking, some "missing link" which would explain why some directions fall out exactly and like a thunderclap, and others pass without any appreciable event. Why this is, no one can tell. (From Author)

eBook Contents

The Symbols Explained – The Nature of the Aspects – The Nature and Quality of the Signs of the Zodiac – The Measurement of the Planetary Aspects – The Orbs of the Planet -The Mundane Houses of the Heavens – Persons Produeed by the Signs of the Zodiac – The Form of Body Given by the Planets in the Signs -The Essential and Accidental Dignities -The Use of An Ephemeris – How to Erect a Map of the Heavens -How to Place the Planets in the Map – The Nature of Uranus and its Aspect – The Planet Neptuno – The Term Elevation – Advice -How to Judge a Nativity -Whether a Child will Live or Die – The Health – The Mental Qualities -The Money Prospect – The Employment -Of Marriage – Of Children – Traveling -On the Selection of a House Friends and Enemies – The Kind of Death - Directions; or, Calculating Future Events - An Example of Working the Directions – The Effects of the Directions – The Directions of the Planets – Solar Returns or Birthday Figures – Transits and Eclipses - A Short Astrological Dictionary
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