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URL :  The Rules of History
Author : Vladimir Petrov Kostov
Detail : eBook Edition: 2013

Most countries and peoples of Europe and Asia are grouped in the spheres of direct geopolitical influence of Russia, Germany, Serbia, Iraq and China. Repetition of relationship (defined by ethnic and religious proximity) between countries from these spheres are observed. Thus there are two Russian (German, Serbian, Chinese) speaking countries - Russia and Belarus (Germany and Austria, Serbia and Montenegro, China and Taiwan). The Iberian and Balkan Peninsulas exhibit similar political geography and history. Important events (e.g. World Wars) occur in couples. In American and Russian history the number 12 is crucial for its understanding (6 couples of most important wars in the former and 12 communist and post-communist rulers in the latter, the events of post-communism repeating the ones of communism). If a (post)-communist Russian leader has the same name as a former Russian tsar or prince, then a repetition of events takes place - the names Boris (Godunov) and Mikhail (Romanov) are connected with the Time of Troubles, Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin mark the perestroika, its modern version. The book is addressed to those interested in history, historical, geographical and linguistic analogies. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Preface – Resemblance and correlation between words - Resemblances between different geographical regions - Resemblance between historical events - The five spheres of direct geopolitical influence in the Old - The rules of the American history - The rules of the Russian history

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