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URL :  The Windows 7 Power Users Guide
Author : Mike Halsey
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Published: 2009

A book for people who use Windows 7 at home or at work and know it can do more for them, but who don't know how. The Windows 7 Power Users Guide contains helpful how-to's, full colour pictures and quick tips to guide you through everything from using the Start Menu and Taskbar to backing up your documents and identifying and fixing problems.
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eBook contents

Starting - Installing and getting started with Windows 7 - Finding your way around - Get more done with Windows 7 - Searching for files and data - Communicating with our home and the outside world - Keeping your PC and your files safe - Get Windows 7 running as its best - Games and having fun and Windows 7 - Connecting with your friends, family, work and home - Helping make sure the worst never happens - Keeping Windows 7 running quickly and smoothly - Problem-solving and fixing problems in Windows 7 - Tweaks and tips to get even more out of Windows 7 - Improving your PC and upgrading Windows 7 - Glossary and appendixes

Free eBook in PDF format - 7,7 Mb - 174 pages

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