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URL :  Theory of Money and Fiduciary Media
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Author : Jörg Guido Hülsmann
Detail : 2012 | PDF | 1.6 Mb | 320 pages

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eBook License: Public Access From https://mises.org/books-library

The first of Mises’s major works, Theory of Money and Credit was published in 1912 when Mises was barely 30 years old. To commemorate the centennial of this important work, the Mises Institute presents Theory of Money and Fiduciary Media: Essays in Celebration of the Centennial, edited by Jörg Guido Hülsmann.

This new collection of thirteen original essays comes from a 2012 symposium at the Austrian Scholars Conference in Auburn, Alabama, and provides wide-ranging views and analysis. It features the latest from established Misesian scholars such as Hülsmann and Joseph Salerno along with fresh perspectives from young Misesians such as Philipp Bagus, Malavika Nair, and Matthew McCaffrey. (From Mises.Org)

eBook Contents

Introduction – The Early Evolution of Mises’s Monetary Thought - Why was the Reception of the First Edition of Mises’s Theory of Money and Credit so Lukewarm? - Böhm-Bawerk’s Influence on Mises’s Typology of Money - Mises and Value Theory - Ludwig von Mises as Currency School Free Banker - The Influence of the Currency-Banking Dispute on Early Viennese Monetary Theory - The Regression Theory as Conjectural History - Expansionist Monetary Policies and the Trade Balance - The Subsistence Fund in Ludwig von Mises’s Explanation of the Business Cycle - The Inter-Bank Market in the Perspective of Fractional Reserve Banking - Modern Business Cycle Theories in Light of ABCT - The Monetary Theory of Current Textbooks in Light of The Theory of Money and Credit - Mises’s Theory of Money and Credit: Arguments Against Central Banking
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