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URL :  Thermodynamics and Chemistry (Second Edition)
Author : Howard DeVoe
Detail : 2020| PDF | 3.4 Mb | 534 pages

Classical thermodynamics, the subject of this book, is concerned with macroscopic aspects of the interaction of matter with energy in its various forms. This book is designed as a text for a one-semester course for senior undergraduate or graduate students who have already been introduced to thermodynamics in an undergraduate physical chemistry course.

Anyone who studies and uses thermodynamics knows that a deep understanding of this subject does not come easily. There are subtleties and interconnections that are difficult to grasp at first. The more times one goes through a thermodynamics course (as a student or a teacher), the more insight one gains.

Thus, this text will reinforce and extend the knowledge gained from an earlier exposure to thermodynamics. To this end, there is fairly intense discussion of some basic topics, such as the nature of spontaneous and reversible processes, and inclusion of a number of advanced topics, such as the reduction of bomb calorimetry measurements to standard-state conditions. (From Author)

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eBook Contents

Introduction - Systems and Their Properties - The First Law - The Second Law - Thermodynamic Potential - The Third Law and Cryogenics - Pure Substances in Single Phases - Phase Transitions and Equilibria of Pure Substances – Mixtures - Electrolyte Solutions - Reactions and Other Chemical Processes - Equilibrium Conditions in Multicomponent Systems - The Phase Rule and Phase Diagrams - Galvanic Cells
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