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Treatment by repeating phrases of positive thoughts
Muaweah Ahmad Alsaleh - Amani Kubitary
eBook Edition: 2016

Psychological troubles (PSYT) are common co-morbidities symptoms in multiple sclerosis (MS). Negative verbal thinking style plays a causal role in maintaining intrusions, perhaps serving to trigger subsequent depressive and anxious symptoms and psychological distress. Positive verbal thinking style plays protective role against these symptoms.

The objective of this study was the first to evaluate the short-term effects of the TRPPT method (Treatment by Repeating Phrases of Positive Thoughts). Method: The total of (27) participants, 20 students from the University of Damascus and 7 MS patients from Damascus Hospital and Ibn Alnafees Hospital. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Introduction – Methods - Assessment of Clinical Symptoms and Automatic Thoughts - Statistical Analysis – Results – Discussion – Conclusion - Recommendations

eBook License: Copyright from Journal of Psychology and Cognition

Available in PDF format – 7 pages – 330 Kb
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