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Tripomatic Bangkok - Free City Guide
eBook Edition: 2013

The 'City of Angels' is one of the most-loved tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. There are many good reasons for this. With its skyscrapers, convenient public transport, broad- walks, huge shopping malls and cosy hotels, the metropolis is easily accessible,comprehensible and similar to the Western world.
At the same time, there’s more to it–the Thai mentality is distinctively different and the concrete jungle is thus a lively hub of activity you won’t find anywhere in the West – amazing night markets, traditional temples that are always packed with locals, and people living practically on the street.
Bangkok is a busy city with an unbelievable atmosphere and surprises awaiting you at nearly everycorner–just be open to new experiences and don’t let yourself be fooled by the illusory urban facade.
(From Tripomatic)

eBook Contents

Money - Communication - Holidays - Transportation - Food - Events during the year - Things to do - DOs and DO NOTs - Activities

eBook license: copyrighted (Personal Use Only)

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