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URL :  Twenty Years After
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Alexandre Dumas

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This sequel to The Three Musketeers and a book of the so-called D'Artagnan Romances (the third and last book being The Vicomte de Bragelonne, including the famous volume, The Man in the Iron Mask) was serialized from January to August, 1845. The novel follows events in France during La Fronde, during the childhood reign of Louis XIV, and in England near the end of the English Civil War, leading up to the victory of Oliver Cromwell and the execution of King Charles I. Dumas comes out on the side of the monarchy in general, or at least he supports the idea of a well-meaning, liberal monarchy. His musketeers are valiant and right in their efforts to protect young Louis XIV and the doomed Charles I from their attackers. Readers learn as much about Dumas and mid-19th century politics from reading this work as they do about the mid-17th century. This book is the least well-known of the Musketeer saga but works effectively as a sequel, with reappearances by most main characters (or children of main characters) and an interesting set of subplots.


The action begins under Queen Anne of Austria regency and Cardinal Mazarin ruling. D'Artagnan, who seemed to have a promising career ahead of him at the end of The Three Musketeers, has for twenty years remained a lieutenant in the Musketeers, and seems unlikely to progress, despite his ambition and the debt the queen owes him. By chance, however, he is summoned by Mazarin, who requires an escort, as the French people detest Mazarin, and are on the brink of rebellion (La Fronde). D'Artagnan is sent to the Bastille to retrieve a prisoner, who turns out to be his old friend and former adversary, the Comte de Rochefort.

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