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URL :  User Interfaces
Author : Many authors
Detail : Published: 2010

User InterfacesDesigning user interfaces nowadays is indispensably important. A well-designed user interface promotes users to complete their everyday tasks in a great extent, particularly users with special needs. Numerous guidelines have already been developed for designing user interfaces but because of the technical development, new challenges appear continuously, various ways of information seeking, publication and transmit evolve. Computers and mobile devices have roles in all walks of life such as in a simple search of the web, or using professional applications or in distance communication between hearing impaired people. It is important that users can apply the interface easily and the technical parts do not distract their attention from their work. Proper design of user interface can prevent users from several inconveniences, for which this book is a great help.

eBook Contents

Simple but Crucial User Interfaces in the World Wide Web: Introducing 20 Guidelines for Usable Web Form Design - Navigation Strategies in Case of Different Kind of User Interfaces - A User Survey on the Interface Causing Discomfort for Warning - Automatic Generation of User Interface Models and Prototypes from Domain and Use Case Models - Considering the Importance of User Profiles in Interface Design - Graphical User Interface for PON Network Management System - Graphical User Interface of System Identification Toolbox for MATLAB - GUIs without Pain – the Declarative Way - Automatic Hand-Pose Trajectory Tracking System Using Video Sequences - An Empirical Approach for the Evaluation of Voice User Interfaces - Embedded User Interface for Mobile Applications to Satisfy Design for All Principles - Mixed Reality on Mobile Devices - Multimodal Interfaces to Mobile Terminals – A Design-For-All Approach - Fitts’ Law Index of Difficulty Evaluated and Extended for Screen Size Variations - Understanding SOA Perspective of e-Governance in Indian Context: Case Based Study - User Interface for Automatic Service Composition

eBook License: Edited by Rita Matrai, ISBN 978-953-307-084-1, 270 pages, Publisher: InTech, Chapters published May 01, 2010 under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license DOI: 10.5772/230

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