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Using Smartphones to Collect Bicycle Travel Data

Joan G. Hudson, Jennifer C. Duthie, Yatinkumar K. Rathod, Katie A. Larsen, Joel L. Meyer

eBook Edition: 2012

As agencies look for ways to gather critical data surrounding bicycling, they often seek inexpensive and efficient means to understand where people are riding so that limited dollars are spent wisely. Smartphones, which many adults carry, are one way to collect bicycle route data. For this project, researchers evaluated a smartphone application developed by the San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA). Called CycleTracks, the application is available on both iPhones and Android-based smartphones. Using Austin as the case study, researchers collected bicycle route data during a six month period between May 1 and October 31, 2011. Over 3,600 routes were recorded in Austin and stored on the SFCTA servers. Researchers retrieved the global positioning system (GPS) location data from the servers, cleaned the data, entered missing links into the street network, and tested several methods of mapping the data. An important feature of the application is the ability to gather information about the bicyclist and the purpose of the trip. Participants were asked but not required toenter demographic information when downloading the application. About 300 bicyclists provided their age, gender, bicycling frequency, home zip code, work zip code, and school zip code. Following a trip, users were given the opportunity to define the purpose of the bicycle trip. The collected dataset provided a rich set of bicyclist and route attributes useful for identifying route choice decisions. (From Author)

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