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URL :  Web Intelligence and Intelligent Agents
Author : Many authors
Detail : Published: 2010

Web Intelligence and Intelligent AgentsThis book presents a unique and diversified collection of research work ranging from controlling the activities in virtual world to optimization of productivity in games, from collaborative recommendations to populate an open computational environment with autonomous hypothetical reasoning, and from dynamic health portal to measuring information quality, correctness, and readability from the web.

eBook Contents

A Bio-inspired Nano-Agent Architecture for Intelligent Agents - Controlling and Assisting Activities in Social Virtual Worlds - A Dynamic Healthcare Portal Design and Enhancements - Universics - a Common Formalization Framework for Brain Informatics and Semantic Web - Autonomous Hypothetical Reasoning: the Case for Open-minded Agents - Disruption Management in Airline Operations Control – An Intelligent Agent-Based Approach - Document Compression Improvements Based on Data Clustering - Embodiment of an Agent using Anthropomorphization of an Object - Towards Socialized Machines: Emotions and Sense of Humour in Conversational Agents - Trust and Reputation Management in Web-based Social Network - Similarity-based Techniques for Trust Management - An Information Filter for Intuitive and Simple Search - Skipping-Based Collaborative Recommendations inspired from Statistical Language Modeling - Human Computation Games and Optimization of Their Productivity - Web Intelligence for the Assessment of Information Quality: Credibility, Correctness, and Readability - Overview of the Relational Analysis approach in Data-Mining and Multi-criteria Decision Making - Representative-based Protocol for Multiple Interdependent Issue Negotiation Problems - Object-oriented Semantic and Sensory Knowledge Extraction from the Web - Pinpoint Clustering of Web Pages and Mining Implicit Crossover Concepts - Intelligent Agents for Automatic Service Composition in Ambient Intelligence - Exploring the Bee Hive Metaphor as a Model for Problem Solving: Search, Optimisation, and More - Combining Pervasive Computing with Activity Recognition and Learning - Intelligent Agents in Extreme Conditions – Modeling and Simulation of Suicide Bombing for Risk Assessment

eBook License: Edited by Zeeshan-Ul-Hassan Usmani, ISBN 978-953-7619-85-5, 486 pages, Publisher: InTech, Chapters published March 01, 2010 under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license DOI: 10.5772/179

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