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URL :  What Are the Benefits of Mindfulness?
Author : Daphne M. Davis - Jeffrey A. Hayes
Detail : eBook Edition: 2011

Research suggests that mindfulness practices offer psychotherapists a way to positively affect aspects of therapy that account for successful treatment. This paper provides psychotherapists with a synthesis of the empirically supported advantages of mindfulness. Definitions of mindfulness and evidence-based interpersonal, affective, and intrapersonal benefits of mindfulness are presented. Research on therapists who meditate and client outcomes of therapists who meditate are reviewed. Implications for practice, research, and training are discussed (From Author)

eBook Contents

Definitions: Ancient and Modern - How Can Mindfulness Be Enhanced? - Empirically Supported Benefits of Mindfulness - Effects of Meditation on Therapists and Therapist Trainees - Client Outcomes of Therapists Who Meditate - Further Implications

eBook License:
Copyright from American Psychological Association

Available in PDF format – 11 pages – 66 Kb
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