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What Is Econometrics
eBook Edition: 2010

This document contains five chapters with information about econometrics. It also has definitions, formulas, examples and graphics.

eBook Contents

What Is Econometrics (Data, Models, Statistics, Interaction) - Some Useful Distributions (Introduction, Normality And The Sample Mean, The Normal Distribution, The Central Limit Theorem, Distributions Associated With The Normal Distribution) - Multivariate Distributions (Matrix Algebra Of Expectations, Change Of Variables, Multivariate Normal Distribution, Normality and the Sample Mean, Noncentral Distributions) - Asymptotic Theory (Convergence Of Random Variables, Estimation Theory, Asymptotic Inference) - Maximum Likelihood Methods (Maximum Likelihood Estimation (MLE), Asymptotic Behavior of MLEs, Maximum Likelihood Inference, Lagrange Multiplier, Choosing Between Tests)

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