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URL :  Women and Psychosis - An Information Guide
Author : Pamela Blake - April A. Collins - Mary V. Seeman
Detail : 2016| PDF | 472 Kb | 46 pages

eBook License: Public Access from https://www.camh.ca/

This guide is for women who are recovering from a psychotic episode. The information will also be useful for their families.

Psychotic illness affects women and men in somewhat different ways. In women, schizophrenia—the most common form of psychotic illness—usually starts later in life than it does in men, and progresses at a different pace. This means that treatment for women may not be the same as it is for men. Treatment outcomes also differ between men and women.

Textbooks often talk about psychosis, its treatment and its outcomes as if gender differences were unimportant. This guide, on the other hand, focuses on the specific issues that women and their families face during recovery from psychosis.(From Author)

eBook Contents

Introduction - About psychosis - Recovering from psychosis - How psychosis affects family and friends - Getting back on track - Family concerns - Planning for the future - Finding help - A final word - Related publications from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
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