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-commerce as a Business Strategy
D. L. Barkley - D. M. Markley - R. D. Lamie
eBook Edition: 2009

The goal of this paper is to help businesses decide if e-commerce is "right" for them by reviewing the experiences of twenty-five 2 small-town businesses that are using e-commerce to enhance their business performance. These case study firms include manufacturers, service providers, and retailers; storefront and virtual businesses; B2B and B2C e-commerce activities. The lessons learned from these firms provide insights into the varied ways in which e-commerce may be incorporated into a business plan, internal and external resources used by firms to establish their e-commerce capabilities, perceived benefits of e-commerce to the firms, and problems encountered in implementing or sustaining an e-commerce business. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Introduction - Overview of case study firms - Benefits of e-commerce to company (Product Development, Supply and Inventory Management, Reduce Manufacturing or Production Costs, Expand Marketing Efforts, Increase Sales and Reduce Selling Costs, Improve Customer Service, Lifestyle Entrepreneurs, Lessons Learned, Focus on Niche Markets, Effectively Use Service Providers, Creating a Website is the Beginning, not the End of an E-commerce Strategy, Integrate E-commerce into Overall Business Operations, Be Prepared for Growth, E-commerce is not for all Businesses) - Conclusion

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