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URL :  openSUSE 12.3 Start-Up Guide
Author : Suse LLC and Contributors
Detail : Last published: 2013

This manual will see you through your initial contact with openSUSE®. Check out the various parts of this manual to learn how to install, use and enjoy your system.

Installation and Basics

Guides you through the installation process and the basic configuration of your system. Introduces YaST, the central tool for installation and configuration of your system. Learn how to set up or modify key components of your system and how to connect to the internet.


This part mainly addresses to users changing to Linux from other operating systems. It introduces basic Linux concepts such as the user concept, the structure of the file system and access permissions for files and directories. An introduction to the shell is also provided, although you hardly ever need the command line to interact with your system nowadays.

Help and Troubleshooting

Provides an overview of where to find help and additional documentation in case you need more information or want to perform specific tasks with your system. Also find a compilation of the most frequent problems and annoyances and learn how to solve these problems on your own.

eBook Contents

Installation and Basics - Managing and Updating Software - Administration - The Bash Shell

eBook License: GNU License

Free eBook to download in PDF format - 15 Mb - 270 pages
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