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Big Data: Issues, Challenges, Tools and Good Practices Avita Katal - Mohammad Wazid - R H Goudar

Broken Promises Multiple Authors 35 

Cultivating business-led innovation Economist Intelligence Unit 16 

Effects of Five-Minute Mindfulness Meditation on Mental Health Amy G Lam - Sean Sterling - Edward Margines 14 

Effects of mindfulness on psychological health Shian-Ling Kenga - Moria J. Smoskib - Clive J. Robins

Going Green to Be Seen Vladas Griskevicius - Joshua M. Tybur - Bram Van den Bergh 56 

How artificial intelligence works Philip Boucher

Inbound Marketing - the most important digital marketing strategy Loredana Patrutiu-Baltes 14 

Meditation National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health

Mindfulness Meditation and Psychopathology Joseph Wielgosz - Simon B. Goldber - TammiR. A. Kral -John D. Dunne - Richard J. Davidson

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