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 Electronic books  Economics and Business 
Accounting (7) Financial Economics (94)
Basic Economics (1) General Economics (2)
Basic financial concepts (14) International Economics (38)
Business and investing (61) Macroeconomics (2)
Countries (129) Management and Leadership (40)
Development Economics (19) Marketing (54)
E-Business (57) Microeconomics (9)
Econometrics (79) Money and Monetary Policy (12)
Economic Policy and Development (95) Payment Systems (3)
Economic Sectors (2) Pension Systems (2)
Employment and Training (9) Personal Finance (4)
Entrepreneurship (6) Statistics (5)
Environmental economics (1)
Economics and Business 
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Bahrain PKF Tax Guide 2012 PKF 30 

Baltic Economic Reforms Fredrik Erixon 27 

Beginner's Guide to Purchasing Property in Spain PANNONE 59 

Belgium PKF Tax Guide 2012 PKF 38 

Belize PKF Tax Guide 2012 PKF 26 

Bermuda PKF Tax Guide 2012 PKF 20 

Best Practices for Email Marketing iContact 21 

Big Data, Analytics, and the Future of Marketing & Sales McKinsey & Company 10 

Bootstrap Methods in Econometrics James G. MacKinnon 53 

Boston Matrix Team FME 110 

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