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URL :  Beginning Japanese For Professionals: Book 3
Author : Emiko Konomi
Detail : 2018 | PDF | 4.2 Mb | 59 pages

eBook License: Creative Commons http://creativecommons.org

This is the third book in a three-book series and includes Lesson 9 - 10.

This textbook is designed for beginning learners who want to learn basic Japanese for the purpose of living and working in Japan. Unlike textbooks written primarily for students, whose content largely centers on student life, this book focuses more on social and professional life beyond school.
The main focus is on oral communication and the accompanying audio is to be used extensively. This textbook can be used for self-study, as part of an online course, or as a traditional college course.(From Author)

Audio files are also available online: https://media.pdx.edu/tag/tagid/beginning%20japanese%203

eBook Contents

Family – Can Do’s and Cannot Do’s

You can download Beginning Japanese For Professionals: Book 2
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