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URL :  Invoice Financing for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises on an Online Platform
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Author : Stijn Jacobus Pieper
Detail : 2015 | PDF | 6.8 Mb | 155 pages

eBook License: Public Access from https://www.semanticscholar.org/

Advanon is an early stage start-up operating in the area of financial technology (Fintech) with the mission to create a better opportunity for SMEs to get short term financing to grow their business. The initial idea that Advanon has, is to create an online financing platform on which financial investors can invest in liquidity for SMEs, as it is thought the risks stays low and the speed of financing can go up. However, to be able to test this within a limited amount of time this research is being conducted.

The goal of this research is to design and prototype an online factoring platform to enable small and medium enterprises to get liquidity financing by private Investors more directly. This design should aim at allowing small and medium enterprises to gain easier access to cash which can be used to grow their businesses. In order to have a scalable platform, the design should be open and reusable for comparable problems. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Introduction - Background on financial technology - Relevant theory and concepts - Design research methodology - Domain analysis–Problem and assumptions - Structural specification–Platform modelling and design - The Platform-Prototyping and evaluation - Summative evaluation of the design and theories – Discussion and conclusion
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