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URL :  Marketing Communication in a B2B Market
Author : Allin Ida - Johansson Maria - Larsson Camilla
Detail : 2006| PDF | 1.6 Mb | 74 pages

eBook License: Public Access from http://www.diva-portal.org

Today firms are facing increased global competition, and it results in shorter product life cycles. The present situation demand firms to focus more on marketing and how to communicate with the customers. In the marketing field there has always existed a perceived dichotomy between B2B and B2C markets. It is said that B2B markets must be handled differently than B2C markets.

Recently the perceptions have changed and it is said that B2B and B2C markets have more similarities than previously assumed, and this might affect the decision about which marketing tools to implement. This could even change the old way of thinking, which states that B2C marketing tools cannot be used effectively in a B2B market. Theories show that brand awareness is of crucial importance in B2C markets. Will the change of market structure make brand awareness equally important in a B2B market?

The purpose of this thesis is to critically analyze the attitudes towards different B2B marketing tools and the possible appropriateness of using B2C marketing tools in a B2B market in order to achieve brand awareness. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Introduction - Theoretical Framework – Methodology - Empirical Findings – Analysis – Conclusion - Discussion
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