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URL :  Mindfulness and Children
Author : Edna Moy-Rome
Detail : 2015| PDF | 14.1 Mb | 108 pages

eBook License: Public Access from https://educate.bankstreet.edu/independent-studies/38/

I came to mindfulness as a result of recognizing the various degrees of stress while trying to balance my professional and personal life and at the same time recognizing that students are inundated with multiple stresses that encroach on their lives, growing up in the information age of digital technology and various family structures.
The purpose of this study of mindfulness with third grade children is to describe the process using mindfulness as a tool and strategy to help children become self-aware of the present moment, and bring calmer, and focus and attention to learning within a classroom.
Mindfulness has its origins in the fields of medicine and psychology, and has been shown to help individuals with physical and emotional conditions learn to focus on breathing to cultivate and develop a healthy perspective in the midst of everyday stresses, anxieties, pain, and frustrations.

Current neuroscience and brain research support that practicing mindfulness develops the skills to effectively deal with the many stressors of our lives to enhance and cultivate a more positive sense of well-being and emotional calm. (From Author)

eBook Contents

Introduction - Literature Review – Methodology - Observation and Findings - Data collected from students - Discussion - Final Reflections
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