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URL :  Strategic Plan Guide
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Author : Borsa Italiana - Deloitte & Touche Corporate Finance - Roland Berger Strategy Consultants – Sda Boccon
Detail : 2003 | PDF | 248 Kb | 48 pages

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The strategic plan is the document which illustrates the strategic aims of management relating to the company’s competitive strategies, the action which will be carried out for the achievement of the strategic objectives, the evolution of the key value drivers and the expected results.

The plan performs an essential role with regards to the management of the companies since it is useful to management for the portrayal of their business outlook; to the members of the Board of Directors in order to fully perform their role for guiding and overseeing the company; to the company in order to attract resources, both human and financial, necessary for the accomplishment of the Action Plan (From Author)

eBook Contents

The characteristics of the strategic plan for the admission to listing on the stock exchange - The structure of the strategic plan: a standard format - Due diligence: areas of analysis and the process phases
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