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The Lead Handover: for Marketing and Sales Success

Craig Cohen - Courtney Kay

eBook Edition: 2015

Lead, handover, and process—three seemingly innocuous words. Put them together and suddenly you’re talking about the most likely culprit behind the ultimate success or utter failure of most marketing and sales organizations.

Lead Handover is the way marketing delivers leads to sales and how sales then follows up with those leads. Creating a thoughtful and well-constructed process for generating and handing off leads is a key component of aligning your marketing and sales organizations, and companies with well aligned marketing and sales teams win. According to the Aberdeen Group, companies with strong alignment see a 20% annual growth rate whereas companies with weak alignment see a 4% decline. (From Author)

eBook Contents

What exactly is a lead handover process you ask? - The lead handover prototype - Building your lead handover prototype - Implement a way to manage the data - Execution, training and roll out - Wrapping up

eBook License: Copyright from Techtarget.com

Available in PDF format – 13 pages – 639 Kb