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URL :  Can Solar Activity Influence The Occurrence Of Economic Recessions?
Author : Mikhail Gorbanev
Detail : eBook Edition: 2015

This paper revisits evidence of solar activity influence on the economy. We examine whether economic  recessions  occur  more  often  in  the  years  around  and  after  solar  maximums.  This research strand dates back to late XIX century writings of famous British economist William Stanley Jevons, who claimed that “commercial crises” occur with periodicity matching solar cycle  length.  Quite  surprisingly,  our  results  suggest  that  the  hypothesis  linking  solar maximums and recessions is well anchored in data and cannot be easily rejected.

An old theory outlined by famous British economist William Stanley Jevons in the 1870s claimed that “commercial crises” occur with periodicity broadly matching the solar cycle length of about 11 years. It is common knowledge that this “beautiful coincidence” claimed by Jevons and its theoretical explanation linking the “commercial crises” to bad harvests did not stand the test and were rejected by subsequent studies. (From Author)

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Introduction - What Are Solar Cycles And Sunspots? - How Does Elevated Solar Activity Affect Earth? - Solar Activity And Economic Crises - What Can We Project For The Next Solar Maximum? -  Conclusions And Prospects For Further Research

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