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URL :  Computers for beginners
Author : Many authors
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Published: 2009

This is a book for people with little or no prior computer knowledge. It will teach basics moving slowly toward more advanced topics. The primary learning technique will be tutorial examples since they facilitate learning more effectively. There will be adequate theory prior to and explaining the examples so the user learns what the computer is doing instead of just memorizing keystrokes and mouse clicks.

The initial writing of this book will use most examples from Windows XP. However, the theories in the book are applicable to any modern operating system (ex: Windows 98, Linux, OSX, Solaris), these operating systems will not be explained separately right now unless there are fundamental differences.
(From Wikibooks, description text under GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL))

Free ebook in PDF format - 351 Kb - 62 pages

Tags: computers

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4.55 (11 Votes)

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