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URL :  Extreme Values and Financial Risk
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Author : Saralees Nadarajah - Stephen Chan
Detail : 2019 | PDF | 1.2 Mb | 116 pages

This book contains more than five articles that talks about Financial Risk.

eBook Contents

Hierarchical Transmuted Log-Logistic Model - A New Generalization of the Pareto Distribution and Its Application to Insurance Data - Does the Assumption on Innovation Process Play an Important Role for Filtered Historical Simulation Model? - Negative Binomial Kumaraswamy-G Cure Rate Regression Model - Modified Stieltjes Transform and Generalized Convolutions of Probability Distributions - The Burr X Pareto Distribution: Properties, Applications and VaR Estimation - Bivariate Kumaraswamy Models via Modified FGM Copulas: Properties and Applications - GARCH Modelling of Cryptocurrencies
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