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URL :  Love and Freindship
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Jane Austen

Detail : Date of publication: 1790

eBook License: Public Domain

Love and Freindship is an epistolary novel dated in 1790. It is a juvenile story and one of the early works of the English writer Jane Austen.

The work is dedicated to Countess de Feuillide, who was her cousin Eliza de Feuillide.

An epistolary novel contains a series of documents. The most usual way is with letters, as seen in this novel.


The novel contains 16 letters. The first letter is from Isabel to Laura. Isabel reminds Laura that she has asked her several times to tell the story of her life to Marianne. Marianne is Isabel's daughter. And Isabel wants her to know Laura's adventures and misfortunes during all these years. Also, she mentions to Laura that now she is 55 years old. Thus, Laura is ready to narrate her stories because she is safe from future unpleasant lovers and persecutions of stubborn parents.

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